June 2005 - Heather went to the beach.  She had a good time. 


May 2005 - Kelly becomes a health nut.  Kelly takes up walking.  Quits drinking "sugar" sodas, etc.  


May 2005 -  Kelly and Scott pull the shrubs up from the front of the front porch.  Man an attempt to plant some perennials and smaller shrubs.  Then mulched the new "garden."


May 2005 - Scott keeps the bees.  (Accidental Beekeeper) Buys 2 more hives.  What a hoot.


May 2005 - Bees, bees, bees.  We had a hive of bees living in our house.   We had a local beekeeper to remove them.   Including one captured swarm and the bees that remained in the wall, two hives came from our wall.


See pictures:


Contacted West Virginia Extension Office.  They referred me to a local Beekeeper to remove the bees.


The beekeeper removed a wall board and part of one floor joist.  Here is the beekeeper on the ladder:


He opened their "hive".  (Probably 30,000 to 60,000 bees)


Here is what the bees looked like in the wall:


Here is another picture of the bees in the wall.


He brings the bees out with their brood-comb.  This is comb that contains the young bee larvae and pupae, honey and pollen.  He tries to save this so a hive can be established.

The picture below shows a close-up of the bees on the comb.  In the center of the picture - the peanut looking piece of comb is a queen cell.  They were preparing to swarm again.  There was a total of 12 queen cells found.  The large cells in the comb on the left is drone cells.  Drones are the males in the colony.  The smaller bees are the worker bees. (basically all in this picture)  They forage for food, guard the hive, cool the hive, remove the dead and anything else not wanted in the hive, they feed the queen and the young, they scout for honey and they build comb and honey.  T

The goal is to put their established comb in frames so it will save them work, save their brood or young.  The beekeeper used rubber bands and cardboard to hold their comb in place.  They will repair the comb and fill the missing areas.

Finishing the cleanup.  Get them ALL!  Before Kelly moves out.

Did not use the Beekeepers name because I have not asked his permission.  He did a wonderful job.  You can tell he knows  what he is doing.  Many Thanks!!



May 2005 - Kelly and Scott wend on a Cruise.  It was a wonderful celebration of 10 years of marriage.  Every year gets better.


May 2005 -  Heather decides to go into Forensics.  She is applying to Mountain State University.


January 2005 - Heather goes back to college.  What is she gonna do?  Whatever it is I'm sure she will be great. 


December 2005 - Heather decides to pull out of the nursing program.  She had a 3.72 GPA.  Go-figure.  She did not like dealing with patients and the pressure of not making a mistake.  That is a serious matter.


November 2004 - Heather is surviving the Nursing Program at Bluefield State.  Many have already been cut from the program.  Hope she is able to hang-on.   She is struggling for the moment.


November 2004 - The Young Adult Sunday School class has begun a study about Christ's Church.  The class looks at how one can know Christ's Church in a world of counterfeits and how one can know that they have made it into the body of Christ.


November 2004 - The small group study is awesome.  We are having so much fun; the fellowship is great and everyone seems to be learning so much about God, Jesus and his will for man.


October 2004 - Scott was ordained as a deacon at the Grandview Christian Church.


October 2004  - Scott and Kelly are participating in a small group study on the Book of Matthew.   This looks like its going to be very strengthening.